Research to Practice

We facilitate and manage interdisciplinary research teams to deliver critical solutions for today’s sustainability questions.

Serving as a bridge between research and practice, we bring together scientists and academics to deliver solutions for real world application. Our role is to orchestrate the team, assure timely delivery of results, and provide subject matter expertise for a wide variety of projects and client types.


Carbon Footprint Metric | National Science Foundation »

The National Science Foundation awarded a $600,000 research grant to CSU to develop the Carbon Footprint Metric. The goal of this project is to measure the greenhouse gas emissions of the built env...

eVoloProject Research for [ours] Hyper-Localization of Sustainable Architecture »

The book [ours] by Andrew Michler is a collaborative effort between eVolo, host of the annual Skyscraper Competition, and the Institute for the Built Environment at Colorado State University on unveil...