2011 | LENSES: Vision Book


The world is waking up. In the face of imminent threats to our quality of life and our planet, humanity is beginning to change. We are moving away from means and methods that deplete our resources, deteriorate our systems, and erode our quality of life towards a more balanced and life-sustaining model. From the local food and green building movements, to the adoption of renewable energy, to third world microfinancing, individuals, industries and governments are striving for appropriate and life-sustaining solutions for regional and global challenges.In recent years, the green building industry has introduced a myriad of new resources, tools, products, and standards that help to reduce environmental impacts and improve occupant well-being. Good steps indeed. Steps that have taken the building industry toward more sustainable practices, but that have also led us to a realization: being less bad isn't good enough. If we are to solve the looming environmental and social crises in time, we must adopt an inspiring vision and develop tools and methods to realize that vision. We must look beyond incremental change.

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Citation: Institute for the Built Environment, Colorado State University. (2011). LENSES: A visionary guide for creating living environments. Retrieved from http://ibe.colostate.edu/documents/LENSESVisionBook.pdf