2011 | Green Schools That Teach: A Research White Paper


The combination of green school design, green organizational behavior, and aligned educational goals sets the stage for the features of green schools to become teaching tools. Five LEED certified green schools which promote sustainability through all aspects of the school organization, including building design, operations, and curriculum were studied to explore the attributes of whole-school sustainability and to propose a framework for best practices. Shared sustainable values among stakeholders formed a supportive culture informing decisions about facility design as well as curriculum and guided the whole-school sustainability process. The physical context of participating schools reinforced successful whole-school sustainability through hands-on learning opportunities for students and physical representation of the entity values. Alignment of sustainability values within facility and site, organizational culture, and educational program were found critical to the success in creating whole-school sustainability.

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Citation: Barr, S., Leigh, K., & Dunbar, B. (2011). Green schools that teach: A research report. Retrieved from Institute for the Built Environment at Colorado State University website: http://ibe.colostate.edu/documents/Green_School_That_Teach.pdf