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Program Overview

Tuition: $750 $595 per badge. 20% off until May 27!

Location: The Powerhouse Energy Campus, Fort Collins, CO

Contact Hours: 15 hours per badge

Program Manager: April Brown, (970) 491-5041


Integrated Sustainability Management

204: Optimizing the Built Environment
Thursday, May 29 & June 19

Integrated Sustainability Management

201: Organizational Strategy & Alignment
Friday, May 30 & June 20

Integrated Sustainability Management

202: People & Behavior Change
Thursday July 24 & August 14

Integrated Sustainability Management

203: Natural Resource Management
Friday July 25 & August 15

Integrated Sustainability Management
Learn to be a positive change agent within your organization to increase the vitality of the environment in which you operate, your people, and your financial bottom-line.

Sustainability requires an integrated approach; therefore this program takes leading research and practice from the disciplines of sociology, business, building science, psychology, and engineering to prepare students to implement change across an organization. This program is founded in the philosophy that in order to integrate positive change within an organization, the following four sectors must be aligned.

Integrated Sustainability Management

This spring and summer we will offer the first badge in each quadrant. Badges can be taken singularly or can be bundled for a certificate. A digital badge is an online representation of a competency or skill you’ve earned.


Sessions will include lectures, group activities, and discussion. Between sessions, you will complete exercises to apply the content learned in class to your current work or your vision for your future work. Through each badge, you will build your toolkit with the knowledge and skills necessary to be a change agent in your organization.


The following badges will be offered in Fort Collins, CO at CSU's new Energy Institute in the spring and summer of 2014. The Integrated Sustainability Management Certificate is earned upon successful completion of all four badges. Students may choose to take one badge at a time or may register for all badges at one time and receive a discount for the overall cost of the certificate. Students will have 2 years to complete the required number of badges to earn the certificate.

Integrated Sustainability Management Foundations 101
101: Foundations & Principles of Integrated Sustainability Management

*FREE Introductory Course

Lead Instructor: Brian Dunbar, Institute for the Built Environment

Understand the business case for sustainability and the integrated approach necessary for making change.

This free introductory course is open to anyone and is required for those taking 200 level badges.

Online Webinar Coming Soon

Integrated Sustainability Management Organization 201
201: Organizational Strategy & Alignment
Lead Instructor: Katie Wallace, New Belgium Brewing

Learn how to integrate sustainability into organizational culture and strategic goals to save money and create a thriving workplace.

Leadership for Integrated Sustainability Management, Policies & Systems
Aligning efforts with company mission and values through top down leadership.

Employee Engagement
Creating change from the bottom up by enlisting the creativity and innovation of employees.

Reporting & Storytelling
Upholding relevance to customer base through effective communication.

Dates: Class will meet on Friday, May 30 & June 20 from 8:00am - 5:00pm.

Tuition: $750 $595 per badge. 20% off until May 27!

Integrated Sustainability Management People 202
202: People & Behavior Change
Lead Instructor: Jeni Cross, CSU Sociology & Pat Eloise-Young, CSU Psychology

Discover tools for engaging people in positive behaviors.

Messaging to Change Behavior
Debunking myths and understanding the social science process for behavior change

Good Data – How to Get It and Use It
Good messages require good data in order to make the most impactful, lasting change

Designing Effective Behavior Change Campaigns
Matching the right strategy to the desired change and aligning with organizational culture

Dates: Class will meet on Thursday, July 24 & August 14 from 8:00am - 5:00pm.

Tuition: $750 $595 per badge. 20% off until May 27!

Integrated Sustainability Management Resources 203
203: Natural Resource Management
Lead Instructor: Lisa Rephlo, Colorado Clean Energy Cluster

Understand best practices for optimizing the flow and consumption of resources in your organization.

Understanding the role of supply chain management and processes
Supply chain management integrates operations management, procurement, logistics, and information technology and is foundational to developing conservation campaigns

Numbers are everything - Resource consumption analysis, tracking, and benchmarking
Learning who needs data, how to translate it for them, and how to deliver it

Prioritizing conservation campaigns for success
Developing an action plan that meets current circumstances and visualizes a rewarding future

Dates: Class will meet on Friday, July 25 & August 15 from 8:00am - 5:00pm.

Tuition: $750 $595 per badge. 20% off until May 27!


Integrated Sustainability Management Facilities 204
204: Optimizing The Built Environment
Lead Instructor: April Brown, Institute for the Built Environment

Learn strategies for reducing the financial and environmental impact of the built environment.

Green Building & Sustainable Operations Management
Triple bottom line thinking with new facilities and existing buildings in your portfolio

Retrofits to Reduce Demand for Energy & Water and Minimize Waste
Develop programs to optimize your operations with little to no upfront cost

Financing Capital Investments
Go further and improve your net worth and future value through deep energy retrofits

Dates: Class will meet on Thursday, May 29 & June 19 from 8:00am - 5:00pm.

Tuition: $750 $595 per badge. 20% off until May 27!