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Green Building Certification

IBE specializes facilitating the integrated design, construction and operations processes to help teams realize their green building and sustainability goals.

Green Building Services

  • Design Charrettes, Workshops, and Integrated Planning Meetings
  • Refinement of sustainability vision and goals
  • Identification of key green strategies and technologies
  • Preliminary evaluation for 3rd party certification (e.g. LEED certification)

Design Assistance & Technical Support

  • Facilitate integrated decision making and systems thinking
  • Review project drawings and specifications
  • Contractor orientation, tracking tools and ongoing support
  • Outreach and education efforts including press releases, educational signage, and tours

3rd Party Certification Management (LEED, CO-CHPS, Green Globes, Enterprise Green Communities)

  • Coordinate all aspects of tracking, documentation, submittals and certification
  • Assist in completing submittal templates
  • Review of submittal packages for completeness, accuracy, and consistency
  • Manage review clarification requests and responses